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What She Does

Your Jewish Fairy Godmother is Not:

A formally trained or regulated: attorney, psychologist, social worker, mediator, medical authority, investment adviser, or religious representative.

She Is:

Someone very bright and very articulate, with great instincts about how the world works and the chutzpah to tackle the world on your behalf, or coach you to transcend any obstacles to success you.

How You Connect With Her:

You email and tell her your problem. It can be complicated or focused, short-run or long, small and nagging, or a big life issue. Click on the “Schmooze now” button and be sure to include your correct email address.

How You Work Together:

Your Jewish Fairy Godmother has two jobs: helping you clarify your goals and helping you get your way. She answers most first emails for free. If you think she’s saved you time, money, energy, or worries, please make a spontaneous donation (gemstones, beachfront property, or other negotiable tokens of appreciation). If you want more help, you hire her to coach you. Your Jewish Fairy Godmother tries to help everyone, but paying clients always get priority.

By Ordering, You Agree To:

Tell the truth about who you are, to make up your own mind about what to do next, and always to act consistently with your own core values.

The Bottom Line:

You want an outcome you don’t know how to accomplish on your own. Your Jewish Fairy Godmother gives you advice, insights, inspiration, motivation, coaching, ideas, whatever aims you where you want to go. If it works, you come back for more, even send your friends. No guarantees, but her success rate is very, very high.

Need help? Have a question?

Ask now, and you’ll get an answer via email really soon!
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