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Who She Is

HelenYour Jewish Fairy Godmother has black belts in brainstorming, schmoozing, and chutzpah as well as degrees from great schools like the University of Pennsylvania and UCLA.

She’s a new age soul with old world wisdom. East coast savvy and West coast mellow.  She’s bright, funny, and articulate. An oldest child all grown up, with real-world experience as a college teacher, researcher, administrator, and consultant. Since 2002, her advice columns have been published from New Jersey to California, Canada to Florida. She also makes an incredible pot of Moroccan Chicken Soup.

Your Jewish Fairy Godmother knows what makes people tick. She has decades of experience giving advice and solving problems.She loves a challenge, to transcend obstacles,and to find answers that make the world spin more smoothly for her clients.

She’s been around long enough to collect some thumps and learn how to bounce. She knows what hurts when it’s been stretched too far. She loves the cosmic joyrides of love, creativity, and getting her way.

 She’s clever. She’s wise. She’s relentless. She cares. And she’s on your side.

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