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For Authors

I work with writers at all stages of a project, from early conceptualization and brainstorming through editing and publication prep. I’m intelligent, enthusiastic, curious, and supportive. I like helping folks hone their ideas and their language.

I love all parts of the creative process. From the ‘big magic’ of inspiration to getting clear about the what and the how, the daily grind of getting words on paper/screen, and editing in all its nuanced layers. Mostly I love the elegance of language in service to something deeply felt and shared.

Here’s acknowledgments from my two most recent projects:

Luke Adler, Born to Heal: Heal Yourself, Heal the World

Finishing this book was confronting, at times overwhelming and other times thrilling. Helen Rosenau, you are an angel sent to encourage me to finish my bell lap. You are an outstanding editor. Thank you for loving this book and helping me “put it out there.” You are a dear friend, a great writer and a companion on this mysterious journey. I love you and look so forward to working with you soon.

   Randi Golub, Dear Miss Martha: A Year of Letters About Roses, Houses, Cats, and Healing  (forthcoming)

Thank you so very much to my good friend, fellow Philly girl, and writing coach Helen Rosenau ( for her excitement, sense of humor, and encouragement in getting this book finished. Her help has been invaluable in so many ways!

I have decades of experience with nonfiction and technical writing, but I’m most interested in working with writers who are creating works of spirit and heart. If you’re writing about personal development or telling a great story, please get in touch. If it’s other material, pitch me and let’s see if we get enthused together.

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