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Keynote Speaker

Your Jewish Fairy Godmother is:

Charming, playful, and entertaining.
Serious, practical, and full of great ideas.
Compassionate, wise, and supportive.
Motivating and inspirational.

Audiences love her!

Your Jewish Fairy Godmother connects with individuals and groups. She can work a room of twenty or a conference of two hundred. She likes people and they respond to her genuine warmth and curiosity about their lives.

Her talk will be based on The Art of Getting Your Way: Your Jewish Fairy Godmother’s 10 Commandments for Success, Joy, and Inner Peace, adapted for your specific audience and your group’s special interests.

She has decades of experience solving personal and professional problems. She’ll bring  anecdotes to engage listeners and make them laugh and think. She’ll give them new insights and new techniques to solve tough issues. Your audience will laugh at themselves and life’s challenges as they learn new tools for happiness and success.

Availability: Booking now.

Format: Generally 40 minutes plus Q&A. Workshops or other formats also possible

Fees: Negotiated based on location and event.


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