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Hire YourJFG


$75 for a first session and $60 an hour for follow-up consultations. For most clients, one or two sessions will jump start big changes. This is about change, not eternal schmoozing. Fill out a Schmooze Now! form and follow to the Paypal link. Your JFG will email you to set up a consultation time.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available as chits to family, friends, or colleagues. Tell them what problem to work on or let them decide. Anonymously or with attribution. (Pay per above)

Keynote Speaking

Send an email with location, date, group, expected attendance, and contact coordinator information.

Logo Shirt and Tote Bag

Front: Your Jewish Fairy Godmother logo
Back: Your Jewish Fairy Godmother’s 10 Commandments

  • T-shirts (various sizes in black, saffron, purple, white. Black substituted if your choice not available): $20
  • Sweatshirt (black only): $30
  • Tote  (black only): $25

All shipping: $5

For Merchandise or Gift Certificates

Fill out a Schmooze Now! form and follow to the Paypal link with your order request. Include a phone number where she can contact you for shipping, billing and order completion.

Security/Privacy Policy

All services are private and confidential. Client information is never distributed, loaned, sold, or otherwise used for commercial purposes.

Need help? Have a question?

Ask now, and you’ll get an answer via email really soon!
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