everybody needs one

Everybody needs help to make life better. Here’s the person you can ask or tell anything, no matter how complicated or confidential. Your Jewish Fairy Godmother is a freelance adviser, advocate, and ally. She’s your own personal super-hero, just an email away. You have an open channel to her ideas, enthusiasm, and creative instincts. She’ll help you fix whatever’s keeping you from success, whether that’s plotting a novel or getting a promotion. There’s no problem too big or too small. Together you’ll find innovative solutions for old problems. She’ll boost your self confidence, save you time and energy, and help you get what you want out of life.

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Advice Columnist

Ask Your Jewish Fairy Godmother and Ask Helen have been published since 2002 in papers and magazines from Florida to California. Columns address topics from love and dieting to deep life issues. Check out the blog for hundreds of examples. Get in touch if you want to run the column, or have Your JFG write special 10 Commandments for issues of interest to your readers.

Keynote Speaker

Your Jewish Fairy Godmother is charming, playful, and entertaining. Serious, practical, and full of great ideas. Compassionate, wise, and supportive. Motivating and inspirational. She connects easily with a room of twenty or a conference of two hundred. She likes people and they respond to her genuine warmth and curiosity about their lives. Her talk will be based on Your Jewish Fairy Godmother’s 10 Commandments for Success, Joy, and Inner Peace, adapted for your specific audience and your group’s special interests. She’ll give them new insights and tools for solving tough issues that block greater happiness and success.  Format: Generally 40 minutes plus Q&A. Workshops or other formats also possible Fees: Negotiated based on location and event.

Creativity Consulting

Your JFG works with creatives at all stages of a project. From the big magic of inspiration, to getting clear about the what and the how, to getting words or images on paper/screen. If you’re writing about personal development or telling a great story, please get in touch.


You want an outcome you don’t know how to accomplish on your own. You connect with Your JFG by clicking on the “Schmooze nowbutton and telling her your problems (short-run or long, small or persistent). Your JFG listens, and helps you clarify your values, your vision, and your path to your goals by offering insights, inspiration, and ideas. You commit to telling the truth and making up your own mind about what to do next. She answers most first emails for free. If you need more help, you hire her to coach you; a few sessions is all it takes to kickstart change. Your Jewish Fairy Godmother tries to help everyone, but paying clients always get priority.