Bait and Switch

Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:

I finally joined after being single (widowed) for five years.
I’d been relying on meeting folks on my own, the fix-up kindness of
friends, and dumb luck. It worked for a while and I met some decent
guys, had some lovely dates, and several short-term relationships.
But I’m in my 60s and time is getting away from me so I see every
month I don’t meet some viable or at least new prospects as time
passing me by. I made contact with someone in a city less than an
hour from here and at least online we seemed to have some things in
common, though he’s nine years younger and more active outdoors.
But when I was relating this to one of my friends (also single) I
realized they might be perfect together because they’re both land-use
attorneys. Is it too weird or possible to accomplish this:

Bait and Switch

Dear Bait and Switch:

Send an email to suggest the idea. But be sure to keep yourself as
part of the equation, in part to legitimize the suggestion and because
you never know whether you or your friend (or neither) will be a
better fit with the current prospect. Try this:

Hi – I’m still interested in connecting for in-person hello, but this email
has a twist. I had dinner last night with a friend/neighbor named
_____ ________ and as I was updating her on my exploratory
adventures with online dating I realized that you and she might make
a great combo. She&'s very smart (education), very cute (see attached
jpg), closer to your age (___), I also practices land-use law, very
funny/bright, interested in books and movies, and much more physical
than I am. She hasn&'t done the cyber-hello process and I suggested
that I could just shoot you an email with her contact info and you
could decide if you wanted to get to know her better. From what little
you and I have exchanged, and my gut instincts, I think it would be a
good connection for both of you. Her email is So if
a two-fer is bait enough to visit,. I can offer food/drink, because I&'m
still open to meeting. And you can connect with _____ and see if
there&'s a match. My gut says yes. Then see what happens.