Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:

I inadvertently sent a very intimate text to the 23-year- old son of my
best friend, instead of to my new sweetie!! I realized my error
immediately and when I dialed to say “Delete that!!!” he answered
“I’m going to disregard that last message.” I replied, “May we never
speak of it again, and never tell your mother?” “Ye,” he said, “Or not
for about ten tears.” I said thanks and hung up. I know they are
exceptionally close, and I am embarrassed. What should I do? Or not


Dear Blurter:

You should honor your agreement with the young man. If he blows
your cover to his mother and she asks you (hopefully jokingly and not
angrily), you can say you were humiliated, relate the conversation with
him, and say you have learned your lesson.

If you are not clear what those lessons are, here goes: Always look to
be sure you are emailing/texting the right person. Don’t say anything
you wouldn’t want shown to another third person in case you and your
new sweetie break up, or in case his/her boundaries are much softer
than yours. Always read messages carefully before you hit send, not
just for what a friend calls “auto-corrupt” but to be sure you won’t
have regrets later. And recheck one more time to whom it is going to
before you send. Got it?? If not, unplug.