It’s Working!!!

Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:
I’m on a very stringent diet. There are health reasons, vanity reasons,
and most the fact that I am tired of thinking about how to lose weight.
One of my best friends and I made a pact for three months (till
Thanksgiving) to become juicers, vegetarians, and detoxify our bodies.
We have a very clear program, have each consulted with our doctor,
and have found ways to be supportive. But almost to a person, every
other person I know, whether that’s socially, professionally, or
casually, has an opinion that boils down to: That’s nuts. Come’ on lets
go get some coffer/cake/ice cream/sugary treat. Frankly I’m tired of
explaining but don’t want to lose my life over this, just my blubber and
my meds. Do I need to issue a press release?
It’s Working!!!

Dear It’s Working:
Congrats to you and your friend. Research shows that a buddy is a good support
system and heightens success. Anyone who goes through the right steps, which
includes sorting through the myriad of diet options, and consulting a physician,
should be congratulated not harassed. Sometimes the people who want to woo
you off your program are exactly the folks who should develop one of their own.
Seeing someone else’s will power in action sometimes creates envy and a desire
to undercut their success.

Yes you should avoid those folks, but only for the duration. A press release is not
a bad idea. Think about a short bullet list of information you can hand or email
them: Yes I know what I’m doing. My doctor has Okayed my program. It’s only
between now and Thanksgiving. I’d like your support. Here’s how you can help:
Invite me only for tea, not other food. Let’s go for a walk instead of eating. Let’s
not talk about food. Let’s not complain about our illnesses, aches, and pains.
Let’s practice talking about how happy and grateful we are to be alive and happy
and able to improve our lives by our own efforts. But you should also be willing to
express those same thoughts eyeball to eyeball. Anyone you can’t be honest
with, and who’s not willing to support your progress and development, is
someone with whom you should minimize contact. Optimism breeds optimism.
Create more of that!