Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:
My youngest son is about to move 1500 miles away to be with his new
girlfriend and to start a life away from home. He’s 20, and a good kid,
who survived high-school scrapes, escaped “the bad crowd,” and sold
his car (his graduation present) to get his grubstake. He bought the
ticket as soon as the car sold, and unknowingly picked a time that I
have a kick-off meeting with a big new client. I could send my
longtime assistant, who is good technically but who lacks the
schmooze factor. I could probably go to the airport and leave after
check-in to make the meeting. Is it better or worse to show up at the
new client with a tear-streaked face (because I am bound to bawl after
I hug/kiss him goodbye) or to miss or reschedule the meeting?

Dear Momma:
Your son only leaves home once. That has to be your priority. You
either trust your longtime assistant to handle the appointment or you
don’t. If you don’t, move the appointment. If you trust her enough
sufficiently, do the schmooze on the phone and let her go do the
technical stuff.
I’d call the new client and schmooze the truth: My kid is leaving and I
need to say goodbye. Ask if you can move the meeting to an hour
later, or a day later, and say, your son made a decision that’s going to
inconvenience you, but only once. Add, We’ll knock $100 off your first
month’s bill for the hassle value, but I’ve thought about this and it’s
the only thing I can do. Any client with a heart will tell you to go and
cry and skip the $100 credit. But even if that’s what it costs you, be
his momma and not a businesswoman for that hour.