Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:

I was always a good sleeper. When my friends went through
menopause and one by one started to have terrible insomnia, I felt
privileged to be getting my zzzz’s on a regular basis. As I have
approached retirement my sleep has gotten less stable. I can’t tell if it
is work stress (How long to stay?, Who will do my job as well?) life
stress (What about money?, What will I do with myself?), or an actual
health problem. I am uninterested in pills to solve the problem, but
now I am alternating between insomnia and weird, even sometimes
violent, dreams. What a girl to do?


Dear No More ZZZZs:

Nothing beats waking up refreshed after a good night’s sleep unless
it’s a night with a good dream to boot. A terminal diagnosis
notwithstanding, not much is worse than dragging your sorry tail
around all tired and draggy. Too many nights like that can affect
physical as well as mental health. Go to your doc for a check-up to be
sure there’s no big medical reason for your condition. Meet with your
financial advisor about what you need for a safe retirement. Tune up
your hobbies.

As frustrating as it may seem on a bad night, stay in bed and
meditate/cogitate on every aspect of the dream you can remember
(this may wake you up a little but will engage both right and left
brains). If it’s time for insight you will get some. If you do, repeat
those often enough so you do not forget in the morning. If whatever
you’re supposed to learn is not ripe yet, you will eventually end up
going back to sleep. Either way you push the knowings a little closer to
the light. Ps coffee and naps to follow later are okay for a day or so.