Overworked Mom

Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:

I’m a middle class housewife who gave up her career to become a wife and
mother of three kids, now all thankfully in K-12 school. I have a precious five or
so hours each day to accomplish everything needed to run a household and take
care of myself. My husband changed jobs, and now travels out of the area at
least a week a month, so then the pressure doubles. A few years ago I started a
business selling essential oils with an online company that had a local rep,
assuming that once the littlest was in school I could get real traction. I started
fast, building a base of downline sellers and the rep loved and praised me. Now
everything has shifted and I have very little time. I know her income depends on
what I sell, but mine is more of a hobby business and I don’t want to feel
burdened by what I can’t do. How can I explain this without giving up the
relationship and the possibility for the future. I believe in the product and have
enjoyed the home shows I’ve done monthly. I just have zero time right now.

Overworked Mom

Dear Overworked:

When you join an online marketing company, as opposed to taking a traditional
job in an office, you do so assuming you’ll have a lot more control of your hours
and choices than if you have a boss and a desk you are obligated to sit in
specific hours of specific days. Your primary identity and commitment is to your
family, not to the rep of this company. Her income may depend on what you do,
but yours depends on what your husband does. Supporting him, the kids, and the
house is job one. You can re-engage with the marketing project when you have
more time.

In the interim, call or send her a message that says roughly: Dear Rep _ I’m sorry
my attention and sales have been lagging in the past while. There have various
and time-consuming transitions in my home, and they have taken priority for my
time. That’s likely to be true for the foreseeable future. So I plan to take a hiatus
for a few months from doing home shows or actively soliciting more downline
people. I will of course continue to mentor and support the ones I already have in
place. This is part of my future, but needs to move back a few steps in my
present. Thanks for your understanding. You’ll know what to do next.