Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:

I’ve been seeing a physical therapist since my shoulder surgery last
fall. I like the guy and recommended him to a friend who had a knee
replacement last month. Two complaints. For a while my friend was
scheduled before me. He consistently ran late with his spot, asking
“Just one [more!] question….” at the end of his sessions. I had a
regular 10:30 slot, which suited my life. Then, despite me pleading
with the PT to schedule me for next month, he gave my regular time
to my maybe-soon- to-be- former-friend, who by the way is also retired
and has a pretty open schedule. To whom should I complain? Or
should I just be kind and adjust?


Dear Prompt:

Kindness is always a good contender for a default form of behavior.
But you’re describing a situation in which both the physical therapist
and your friend have not been kind to you. It’s okay to call them on it.
Your tone of voice and timing will matter, but the content is pretty

To the PT: I’m feeling slighted. [Friend name] has been pushing the
limits of his session times for weeks. And now you gave him my
regular slot, despite my repeated requests to have you schedule me.
Can you reverse our times? And can you be sure we start on time

To the friend: I’m glad you like [PT name]. But your extra
questions are cutting into my recovery time. I’ve asked him to be sure
we start on time. I also asked for my regular slot back. If all goes well,
you will prevail. If they don’t comply, you may have to adjust or find a
new practitioner. Nothing excuses a professional from not acting