Prude or Private

Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:
I came to work last Saturday to pick up my forgotten umbrella, and
accidentally walked in on my bosses having sex on the desk in his
office! They weren’t expecting anyone to show up on a weekend so the
door was left ajar. They’re a married couple so that part isn’t
scandalous, but now I feel mega-weird around them and awkward
being in his office. Am I being a prude or is this really bad behavior?
They just laughed it off.
Prude or Private

Dear Prude/Private:
“They laughed it off” implies a level of self-confidence in both their
bossdom and sexuality that many people do not possess. Married is
definitely better than an incipient office scandal. I assume they weren’t
putting on a show, just working on a weekend and not expecting
company. Note: An “ajar” door to someone else’s office is not a place
you’d need to be just to pick up your umbrella, so not quite sure why
you witnessed anything. But sex not private is still sex and generally
not considered a spectator sport. I’ll assume you gave a stumbling
apology, blushed profusely, shut the door, and went home with your

How to act now? Think about your cat. Or golf. Or a looming home
repair. Keep thinking about other irrelevant things every time you see
or think of them having sex until you stop blushing and are able to talk
to them normally about a memo, the financial statements, or even
ordering toner for the copier. No matter how you protest your
embarrassment, human nature is such that you’ll be temped to blab.
Under no circumstances should you discuss this with any of your
coworkers. A secret that volatile will not stay a secret. If anyone gets
canned for it will be you Yes they are probably guilty of impaired
judgment by not closing the door. And yes you may be a little bit of a
prude. But as functional adults, you should be able to transcend the
lapse and continue to work there. If not, start sending out resumes.