Sad Mommy

Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:

I had to find a home for my beloved cat because my husband couldn’t
overcome his allergies as we had hoped he would when we married.
One of my former employees said that she and her fiancée would be
happy to give him a good home, so we delivered him into their care.
Now I have found out that they are boarding him with some friends
until they can relocate into their new house. I feel terrible for my
sweet old guy, whose life was easy and simple until I got engaged and
started to leave him alone more and more. She is no longer my
employee but I do see her at meetings in the firm. Should I say
something, or just trust that it will all work out in the end? Is this just
maternal guilt speaking?

Sad Mommy

Dear Mommy:

It sounds like a bad case of guilt, but also understandable. You
certainly cannot take it out on your employee, but you can use the fact
that you work in the same place to communicate with her. Simply drop
by her office and plop yourself down in a friendly way, and ask How’s
kitty doing? Let her tell you what she wants, and then gently ask
questions until the story comes out. I’ll stress gently, because unless
you are prepared to take the cat back, you are going to to have to ride
out your jitters about the transition. So many pets that are unable to
be cared for end up in shelters and worse, that you can appease your
guilt by knowing you found a good long-term situation for your boy,
even if it isn’t a nice neat one-step process.

My recommendation for future pets, especially if you and your
husband are going to have children, is to carefully go through all the
pros and cons before you introduce an animal into the household.
Losing a pet is hard no matter how it happens, and worse when you
have to explain it to kids.