Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:

I just got a terrible shock. I have a t-shirt that I’ve had for years. I
wear it work out and somehow it rotated to the bottom of the stack. I
put it on and it hung to my knees!! I am shrinking!! I am a woman in
my mid-60s and I know this happens with age but it was shocking this
morning. I can see my friends are aging, with all the obvious changes
in hair color and wrinkles. But this freaked me out. Do I just accept the
ravages of time, or can I reverse the trend?


Dear Shorty:

I’d recommend a good talk to your doctor about osteoporosis and
aging. S/he may recommend some tests to see where you fall on the
expected ranges for people your age and size and also relative to your
own medical history. There are things you can do. As my mother
always used to say, Stand up straight! Which is more than just about
looking taller. It helps retrain your muscles and bones, as well as
doing wonders for your attitude.

You should research carefully. There is lots of information online about
changing what you eat and drink, how you should exercise, and what
supplements and medications have better and worse effects. You can’t
turn back the lock or keep it from ticking forward. But yes you can
make yourself stronger and taller with some simple steps.