Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:

I’ve been helping myself to lose weight by juicing for breakfast. I know
it is a semi-fad, but it is helping me, and my doctor approves. I bought
a very good juicer to replace a technically lesser one I bought five
years ago. A friend who was inspired said she’d buy my old one from
me, but said she was short the cash until the end of the month. I said
no problem, but was clear that I was selling it to her at a discount
because she said yes first. Two days later I could have sold it for more
and told her, but she said, “Our friendship is worth more than $75.” I
waited. No check. Today she called to say she could not afford it (after
spending $20,000 on a new car!!) and a different friend was lending
her one for free. When my first response was dismay, she said “I
thought you’d be happy for me!?!” What do I do now? PS The other
possible buyers have since found juicers.

Dear Stiffed:

As a very wise person once said, don’t sell anything without getting
paid in cash. Or if you do, think about what you’re giving the other
person on spec the same way you should if you loan money: assume
you’ll never see it again. In this case, getting the juicer back is a step
ahead of never seeing it again. You still have something to sell on
Craigslist or EBay, or to try and inspire yet another friend with.
Regarding your friend, her comment demonstrates a narcissistic
streak. A more honorable person would have asked if you could wait
for payment until she was able to sell it, and explained the
circumstances. That would have left you the option of taking it back or
waiting for the money. In this case, you got the juicer back and
learned something valuable about your friend, all for $75. Juice away.