Sweet Tooth

Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:

I’m single. In fact I’m a single lesbian, though many of my friends are
straight women and, over the course of time, their husbands have
become friends. We gals get together every few months for brunch or
happy hour. The guys don’t tend to socialize on their own, but we all
get along at birthday parties and holidays. One couple invited me to a
late summer BBQ and said, It’s going to be all couples so feel free to
invite someone. In the past I have sometimes brought along women I
am dating, if only to get a thumbs up or down from my buddies. But
now I’m flying solo and liking it. That’s what I said in my rsvp, which
netted me an Oh. Should I invite someone, go solo anyhow, or
demur? For what it’s worth the hostess’ hubby makes the world’s best
peach pie. It’s worth breaking all diet rules to have some.

Sweet Tooth

Dear Sweet Tooth:

I have a bias against people who discriminate against single folks. The
world is made up of lots of singles who are looking as well as lots of
singles who are happy being single. I’m assuming you have no
predatory intent on the hostess or her husband, other than perhaps on
his peach pie. Ditto for any of the other attendees.

Unless you have a current prospect, I would go on your own and have
a great time. Talk to anyone and everyone and enjoy the food, drink,
and festivities. If people ask about your love life, say you are happily
between relationships and don’t want to dabble unless it’s true love.
You can follow it up with, If you want to hear my list of what I’m
looking for in a potential date, just ask. Most people will, if only to be
polite. And you can add, I’ll gift you with a [hubby]’s peach pie if you
find me the right gal! You never know who knows whom. And you’ve
sweetened the pot for their sweet tooth as well.