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Badly Bobbed

Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:

Why is it so hard to get a good hair cut? I tolerated the last person I was with for
a year, trying every six weeks to explain what I wanted differently than the last
time. I got so frustrated I took pictures as each cut grew in so I could show her
exactly what was wrong. I tried every form of communication that I know but
finally just left a voicemail saying I was “moving on.” Now I have a list of names
culled from the friends who have been urging me to change, likely because they
are tired of hearing me kvetch. So how can I choose the new person to whom I’m
going to entrust my looks?

Badly Bobbed

Dear Bobbed:

I’ve seen people work harder to stay in bad relationships with their hairdresser
longer than they have with folks they have dated. It&'s a difficult dance to find the
right person, and even when you do not every cut will be the same. So it takes
patience, communication, and a willingness to be very honest as in, I’m looking
for someone who really gets my hair. I’m willing to try a few cuts together but if it
doesn&'t make me look how I want to, I will move on. If it does, I’m loyal for a long

Try for a short phone interview to decide which of the referrals to try first. Call
and leave a message saying roughly, Hi I’m a friend of so-and- so client who
thought you could do better with my hair than the person I am leaving. My hair is
long/short/wavy/curly/straight/frizzy/etc. I need a stylist who can give me a cut
that’s [detail your fantasy haircut]. Bring the pictures to the first appointment and
walk the stylist through them, from worst to best, detailing what you do and do
not like. Be clear about what grows in strangely or quickly and other random
quirks, and say how often you are used to getting a cut. Ask if there are
questions and then do your best not to micromanage once the cutting begins. It
may take a few tries but once you find the right person you will be happier.