Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:
I’ve been in my job for three years. Upsides: My boss will never fire me; I make
good money; I have freedom about my hours; I like what I do; my boss pays for
massages, my gas, and gave me a 55” TV as a bonus. Downsides: It’s a
manufacturing company and revenues are down 60%; I work 60+ hours a week; I
have no health benefits; there’s lots of stress and multitasking after the layoffs
we’ve made. Yesterday Dave (who has cancer and is bipolar) told me he’s
thinking of closing the shop.


Today I looked at the classifieds and saw a posting
at the local utility, where’s there’s almost never turnover, for a job I could do in
my sleep. Normal hours, good bennies, even a chance they’d pay for school.
Last info: My husband is getting his teaching credentials and in a year, two most,
I get to go back to school and he supports us. If I get laid off I get unemployment
all summer. If I get the job I am trading grinds. Is applyin g deserting a needy
friend? Should I wait?


Dear Tempted:
Until the day you walk out the door for a new job you are deserting no one.
Remember, this is the guy who, at least half the time, is thinking of unemploying
you and the remainder of your colleagues. So it’s a two-way street on the
abandonment side of the coin. Assuming he’s serious you’ll need to know your
options in the job market anyhow, and one application does not ensure a
successful transition.

Apply. Apply because it’s a rare opportunity. Apply because it’ll give you some
info about how your resume plays in the market. Apply because a decent 40-
hours-a- week with benefits will seem like a vacation after your current gig. And
apply because if you do get an interview it will give you a chance to practice.
Also, having a job will allow you to negotiate hard if you do get the job. Worry
about what to do if they offer.