Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:

I’m alive, which a week ago I wasn’t sure I would be a week ago. I had a horrible
case of the flu, and yes I got the shot, even the heavy-duty one they give seniors.
I haven’t always gotten it but after this experience I will never again even think of
skipping. Even at 10% effectiveness against this strain, if it had been worse I
might have ended up in the hospital. But thanks to the good graces of my
neighbors and friends, I made it. They brought me gallons of chicken soup, ran to
the store to get me supplies and vitamins, and walked my dog, who slept with me
on the sofa for the better part of two weeks. Even when my fever was 102,
having him breathe next to me was such a comfort. The dog I can give biscuits,
but how do I thank them?


Dear Wheezy:

You do it with three things. First a personal note of thanks to each of them,
specifically noting what they have done for you and how much of a help it was.
Second a small bouquet of flowers. It doesn&'t have to be fancy but everyone
loves to see a vase of something fresh, especially in the winter months. And
third, a copy of printed set of How to Make the Flu More Bearable instructions.
Below is what I put in mine, as I too recently lost two weeks of my life, but
customize for what has worked for you.

My advice: Dear Friends – Having made it through the worst illness I’ve had
since the mid-90s, here’s some advice about what to keep on hand in case you
start to go down for the count: Good friends who will make you chicken soup!
Chicken stock that you can prepare and freeze is better than store-bought, but
keep both on hand. Vitamin C; take it till your body says you’ve saturated. Other
vitamins that work for you, from Oregon grape and other lung-relief tinctures to
oregano oil to gargle with, thyme to brew tea, muscle relaxing menthol plasters
(or vapo rub), and a heavy duty anti-cold/flu cough syrup to help you sleep. Take
your temp a few times a day, and rest/rest/rest and drink/drink/drink (water lol).
Good books and streaming can help, though the flu will command lots of staring.
Keep your phone turned off and sleep. Then take another nap. It will pass, but it’s
hard for the first week. Call your doc’s office if you start to wheeze seriously or
get dehydrated.