Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:
Here was my yesterday: I got a cast on my leg for an Achilles tendon
injury. I hurt myself by exercising too hard to lose the weight my
doctor said I need to lose in order to cure my diabetes, or at least
keep off insulin. After I got the cast I went to the shoe repair guy to
retrofit a sandal to balance out my legs. The result, for which I am
grateful, made me remember my deceased father, who lived his last
decade with one hip. I went to the medical supply house for cast
accessories so I can shower. I picked up my monthly prescriptions. I
went to the health food store for a tincture to support healing. By the
time I got home I was ready for a good stiff drink and not at all in the
mood for my baked skinless chicken and salad dinner. I’m in my early
60’s. Is this what old age is going to be like? If so, where’s the Kool-

Dear Hobbled:
You may be hobbled but yesterday you did lots of running around
doing things to support your healing. Mobility, whether it’s driving to
the health food store or hoisting your sheathed leg into the shower, is
an incredible gift. If the day you describe is truly enough for you to
seriously contemplate checking out, you’ve lived a pampered life for
60+ years! Yes getting older involves aches and pains and the reaping
the consequences of the excesses of your past. Yes it includes lots of
medical hassles and probably some of them are much worse than your

Recently I attended a party where the icebreaker question was: If your now self
could tell your younger self any one thing, what would it be? One great answer
was: Take better care of your body! Age 62 isn’t old, or doesn’t have to feel old.
You have decades left and they can be healthier than whatever landed you in
your current state. Work with your doctor to develop a healthy food and exercise
program and stay on it. Think slow and steady. Yes you’ll eat lots of salads, and
you may walk on flats not hills, but if you do take good care of yourself you’ll be a vibrant 82-year old and bless the day you got your wake-up call form your
Achilles tendon and the cast.