Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:

I’ve read your column for a long time and I don’t recall anyone asking
you this before, but here goes: Can you write a singles ad for my son?
I know you don’t know him but here’s the bottom line. From the
outside he looks like an overweight (60-100 lbs), very shy guy, who
has a co-parented toddler with his ex (they finally broke up). He
watches too much TV in his room. The upsides: He does have a steady
postman job, and is incredible sweet and very funny, in a dry kind of
way. But first impressions aren’t what’s going to get him a gal. Do you
have words that might bridge the gap?

Dear Momma:

Because singles ads are a doorway to dates and first impressions,
you’re walking down a less likely path. I’d counsel that he get out of
the house more, when he’s not working. Even joining a
divorced/singles parenting group would be a great start, so he would
be among people who understand what he’s doing through with his
child, and he would be in a setting where people are there to listen to
one another, not reject them based on a single date. Ditto for taking a
class in something he cares about, even if it’s about popular culture, at
the local community college or parks department. People tend to perk
up when they are engaged with things they care about. They look
happier and are more appealing.
If you are determined to go the ad route, try something like this:
Sweet single dad looking for a woman who doesn’t judge a book by its
cover. I’m intelligent, funny, and have a great job and a great toddler.
I love TV and movies like X, Y, and Z. I’m also hefty and a little shy,
but loving, loyal, and very appreciative of the right person in my life.
Use a photo in which he is cracking a smile.