Need a (Permanent, Full-time) Job!!

Dear Jewish Fairy Godmother:
I’m a temp on a long-run part-time contract. I want to organize a
client education workshop. It will look great on my resume, future job
apps, etc. My co-worker is interested in working with me on the
project. I am her other half for six months because she’s on partial
maternity leave. When I email the boss to ask for permission to do
said event, how do I let him know that this is my idea and that my co-
worker is riding on my coattails. I feel I have to cc her on the email to
the boss. How can I phrase it so my co-worker will feel like we’re
working together but the big cheese will know I’m spearheading this? I
want to be considered for any “real” opening so need to look creative
but not aggressive.
Need a (Permanent, Full-time) Job!!

Dear Need!:
It’s all about the pronouns, the wise and clever use of “I” and “we.”
Ideally you’ll get points for using both of them, and using them
properly and judiciously. With “I” you are trying to convey: I’m smart;
I’m entrepreneurial; I’m creative; I’m prepared to work to make it
happen; I’m a great long-term addition to your permanent staff. “We”
shows you’re being collaborative and getting buy-in from other staff,
that you’re not a back-stabbing temp, and that you understand both
the limits of your authority and tenure and the benefits of teamwork.
CC both the boss and co-worker. Identify all aspects of the workshop
that you thought of: whom to invite, timing, everything from budget to
publicity. Say you’d like to work on a team that would implement the
plan, after meeting with the boss to get his/her input. Note: the boss
gets to claim credit to the boss’s bosses. Your goal is to look like a new
and valuable resource to the boss, someone who might make him/her
look good to others, and who can economically raise the bottom line.
As the economy improves, smart employers should have room for
good hires who’re creative, smart, and entrepreneurial. Keep sending
out resumes until you land what you want.